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The Modern Family Law Company

This mobile-first responsive website for a start-up family law firm needed to be ready in time for the company launch date.

Not deterred by the short deadline we pulled out the stops and by working closely with the graphic designer Bill Craddock and the client, we got the site built on time.

The Client
The Modern Family Law Company, a Colchester-based start-up specialising in the latest developments in Family Law.

The Brief
To provide a responsive brochure website with a unique look and feel to reflect the progressive nature of this new law company. The client was keen that the design be mobile-first as many of their potential clients would be using smartphones as their primary means of accessing the internet.

The Solution
The brand and website layout was designed by Bill Craddock Graphic Design. Functionally the site is quite simple and user-friendly; what makes it stand out is the extensive colour palette used and the use of striking images throughout the site. 

We put in a lot of work in the background to optimise the site for mobiles, tablets and PC monitors.

The Outcome
Following a very collaborative design and build phase, with the client, Bill Craddock and Spectrum working together to move the project forward, the site launched on time ready to showcase the client's new company. 

The Client's Response:
We were really pleased that the client appreciated their involvement in the process; Deborah Baxter, one of the partners told us:

"I have to say that it has been awesome to have been so involved in the design and build of the website. I have commissioned the building of two websites before and I had hardly any control over the design or the build and certainly the process was never explained to me in the way that you and Bill have both explained it. I am really pleased with how the website looks and I know that Melissa is too. So a big thank you to the two of you - you and Bill. "