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High quality, responsive, custom-built websites 


Full design and consultancy service

Our approach to web design is to keep things as simple as possible while still providing the style and functionality our clients require.

We can work with you to produce a design that matches your requirements, or refer you to a number of partner companies who can offer full brand design, print and marketing services.

We'll also look after the technical side of things such as hosting and emails

Cross-browser compatible

All our websites are built to be cross-browser compatible, so they will display correctly in all the main browsers such as internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Click on the W3C logos in this footer of the website to see how it validates against international coding standards for websites.

Designed for a wide range of screen sizes

Our websites are designed to be responsive - that means they will display correctly on a wide range of screen sizes, from the largest PC monitor screens down to tables and even small screen mobiles.

PC monitors are designed for widescreen display, so they work best if content items are displayed side by side. On the other hand tablets and mobiles can operate in either portrait or landscape mode and have smaller screens so it is generally better to have the content stacked vertically for these devices.

Try viewing this website on a variety of different devices to see how responsive design works.

Search Engine Friendly

Because we use robust standards when building our sites, and use recognised techniques to improve rankings in search engines, our websites come with a certain amount of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as standard.

We can't always guarantee to get you to the top of Google for your specific search terms - but very often we can do just that without you incurring the additional cost of paying SEO companies to do this for you.

Try googling "Butchers Staffordshire" and "Bike Repairs Derby" - you'll find one of our websites at or near the top of both these searches.

Spectrum Web Products Responsive Website Design

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